Simple Garage Door Repairs

Simple Garage Door Repairs

May 3, 2020 Off By Alexa Long

Fixing small things around your home is fairly simple but you might discover yourself a bit more challenged when it concerned to something that does move such as garage door.

The garage door and all its parts including springs, track, and opener should be maintained to keep them functional. There are also some other parts that might fail and make the garage door malfunctioned. It is not an ordinary fixing project like, re-tacking the piece of carpet, hanging a picture on a wall, or adjusting a tap in a bathroom. Garage door repair is a challenging and hard project especially if you don’t know what is going wrong. However, there are some minor problems that you will fix on your own in order to save your hard-earned money which you had to pay a technician. Visit here to learn more DIY techniques to fix a garage door.

A garage door is not an ordinary electronic device that you take for granted. It needs tender care to run smoothly. You should inspect and maintain the garage door occasionally. You will have to check the garage door thoroughly to find out the answers to certain questions like, are all the brackets of garage door tight? Are there any loos cables or wires? Are the tracks dry or filled with dust? Are the lights of sensor blinking? A detailed inspection of the garage door will provide you the exact picture of what you need to do. Once you have diagnosed the problems, it will be easy to handle the things you found.

Once every year, you will have to lubricate all the moving parts using oil or lubricant spray. Lubrication not only will keep them functioning but also a coating oil will protect them from rust or damage. Make sure that you are using a high-quality lubricant. Squeeze a few drops of oil on the parts you want to protect then give it 30 minutes to be spread. Finally, wipe off all the excess oil with a cotton cloth.

Garage door torsion springs are the main and important components of garage door that should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Torsion springs are normally mounted above the garage door opening. There is no doubt that if torsion springs got damaged, it will be dangerous. Garage door torsion springs replacement can be a challenging and dangerous task. Thus, don’t try to attempt it on your own as they are placed under a high amount of pressure. It is strongly recommended that hire a professional technician to handle this job. It is the type of repair that can give you injuries.

Another component of garage door you probably won’t want to try is handling garage door electric opener. If you have decided to troubleshoot the problems of the garage door opener, make sure that you have turned off the power supply of opener. It is wise to hire a professional garage door repair company to manage your garage door to make it secure for your family and vehicle.