Farah Q.

I was really satisfied with this restaurant when I visited NYC last week. Since I love to travel so much and explore new places, I’ve already learned so much about other culture. I’ve even gone to South Africa as well and toured once. I learned a lot about their country including never-heard before facts. I’ve seen their vast lands and the raw beauty of the place. I even get to taste their good food too. It was very surprising to know that the Braai South African Wine & Cuisine really got the taste of South African food. In fact, it even tastes better than one of the restaurants I’ve been to while in South Africa. It made the restaurant really appealing and of course, really satisfying. I assure you that you won’t regret dining here.

Audrey T.

My friend brought me here last time and I was surprised that NYC actually has a restaurant named Braai. It’s probably because I don’t go out much. However, when I discovered this place because of my friend, I grew fond of Braai immediately. It seems that the South African cuisine really appealed to me and it’s a first for me! I will definitely come back here and dine in whenever I get the chance.

Xian F.

I grew up in South Africa and got used to its cuisine and foods so when we had to move out and live in Chicago, I wasn’t able to adapt immediately. There’s still a part of me that keeps looking for South African food and some places where it is served. I keep on searching for African restaurants I could visit. I saw the website of Braai and thought that I could drop by the place. When I did, I never regretted it because dining in this restaurant makes me feel like I’m back in my own country. I love it so much! My friends love this place too when I introduce it to them just like my family.